Our bed models

  • Creating perfect sleep with our bare hands.

Continental Beds  

Vividus, 2000T, Proferia, Auroria and Luxuria are Hästens’ continental style beds. In other words, first a thick spring bottom section, then a thick, spring mattress, and on top, a top mattress for perfect sleeping comfort.
Two, or three, unique spring systems working in conjunction provide support from deep beneath.
The mattress is reversible, giving your bed extended life span and ability to maintain great comfort. Side stitching and piping details on some of our models, make the mattress even more stable.
Layer upon layer of horsehair, cotton and wool are placed by hand and distributed evenly, a craft requiring skills and experience.

Frame Beds  

Hästens frame beds consist of a thick spring bed and a top mattress on top to complete the sleeping experience. Choose between Superia, Excel and Marquis.
The foundation is made from Swedish pine, from slow growing northern forests, known for its remarkable strength and endurance.
Two unique spring systems together with natural materials ensures a bed with great comfort, flexibility and relief while it breathes and provides perfect sleeping climate.
A Hästens frame bed is filled with natural materials, carefully compiled to provide perfect comfort and climate for excellent sleep.

Adjustable beds  

Hästens adjustable beds are developed from Hästens continental beds. Comfortable and versatile – for waking moments, relaxing rest as well as deep sleep. Choose between Lenoria and Novoria.
You have the amazing feeling of a continental bed, whilst you are able to adjust the head and foot end.
Layers and layers of horsehair, cotton, wool and flax work in conjunction to keep your bed quiet, comfortable, free from static electricity and at the perfect temperature for a better sleep.
All-natural materials that breathe, ensuring great comfort and perfect sleeping climate.