Business Opportunities 

“What is the secret behind a good night’s sleep? For us it’s simple, all-natural materials and genuine craftsmanship, without compromise since 1852”

Brand Promise

“Committed to improving people’s quality of life.”

People sleep for approximately one third of their lives, but far too often their quality of sleep is compromised. At Hästens, our mission is to change the way people think about and prioritize sleep so they can enjoy a higher quality of life. It is for this reason we have been refining our craft since 1852 and using only the finest natural materials and skilled hand craftsmanship to offer better, deeper sleep. Providing the world with the best bed takes precision and allows for no shortcuts. This passion and commitment is reflected in our long-standing heritage. Our beds are more than a product; they are an investment for life, and we are forever on a mission to provide better sleep, one bed at a time.


Why we get up every day

We craft sleep for a restless world. A world that refuses to slow down. A world full of people who are waking up far too tired. For those who discover the true value of sleep, we are relentless. We are passionate because we know there are few things more important.

For generations we have been refining our work to help provide the most restful sleep. We use the best natural materials and deliver the finest craftsmanship for unmatched quality.

The world changes around us, but our focus remains the same. We never compromise on sleep.

Sleep at its deepest. Sleep in its most natural state. Sleep how it should be.

Wake up to the benefits of sleep with Hästens.

Crafting Sleep Since 1852

Hästens is a family owned business that has been around for 5 generations. For over 160 years we have been refining our craft and still to this day we are a thriving independent company, driven by our commitment to providing a higher quality of life to the world through sleep.

Today Hästens is expanding globally at a rapid pace and we are looking for partners to join us.

Why join Hästens?

    • All beds are handmade in our factory in Sweden
    • Craftsmanship without compromise since 1852
    • We use only natural materials and each bed is custom made
    • Interesting range of beds and accessories to accompany
    • Benefit of shared retail knowledge
    • Hästens Training Academy
    • Access to global best practices to make achieve faster success
    • Unique store concept to support the selling process

Quick facts

    • 200+ stores in over 35 countries
    • Full concept stores and shop-in-shops
    • 30+ new stores to open in 2014
    • 26 stores opened in 2013
    • 34 stores opened in 2012

We have stores located all around the world. To locate the Hästens store closest to you, check out our store locator.

If you would like more information on our brand, our business model and what it means to be a Hästens Retail Partner please contact Ulrika Württemberger at