The making of the Vividus.

The very foundation of the Vividus is a frame made of the finest quality solid pine from our slow growing forests north of the Arctic Circle in the Norrland region Sweden. The wood from the slow growing pine tress is strong and durable, the sides of the frame are held together through Dovetail jointing. This old tried and tested method makes the frame strong and very sturdy without the need for using one single screw or nail. And in addition, the hand crafted frame is beautiful to look at.

To attain maximal stability each and every one of the wooden slats in the frame are individually set in place in a groove and then secured with wood plugs. The centre slats are held in place using the same Dovetail method as the corner of the main frame structure and again stabilised with dowels which are oak wood plugs.

The Vividus stands proudly on legs of beautifully oiled oak, a traditional material used by Swedish craftsmen for centuries. The legs are fixed and provide excellent stability and durability. It takes an experienced craftsman one full week to make the Vividus frame.


The inside of the frame is then lined with flax before the Vividus bottom-section Bonell spring system is put into place. Each of the springs are put in place by hand and then tied together by hand with durable yarn. The hand tied spring system greatly adds to the very pliable feeling of the Vividus bed. Flax is also used between the springs to ensure that they do not come into contact with the timber or each other which could otherwise cause disturbing noise.

The quilted cotton fabric used to cover the base is of course of the highest quality cotton. It is fixed to the frame and covered by a decorative strip of oak, framing the bottom-section of the Vividus.


The Vividus mid section/main mattress consists of a carefully balanced blend of horsehair, cotton and wool. The materials are layered in order to attain perfect function and comfort; many thin layers of the hand teased horse hair, cotton and wool ensures that the Vividus delivers like no other bed. The eighteen centimetres, ten turn pocket spring system in the main mattress will help carry the weight of your body in a perfect way, each spring is separated to allow you to sink down with the parts of your that need to thereby allowing for perfect support for your entire body

The horsehair in the Vividus is hand teased; the master craftsman carefully separates the strands from each other to preserve their length as much as possible. This means that your bed is going to maintain its comfort and shape for a very long time while all along providing you with many good nights of sleep.

The chequered cotton ticking fabric is reinforced and double quilted to ensure that it maintains its shape well and keeps any unwanted noise to a minimum. To fix the fabric of the main mattress the master craftsman measures by hand the exact positions of where to place the cotton tufts ensuring that the filling materials of the mattress maintains their position. The tufts are then put in place by hand using a long needle and the same method as we have used for generations. The filling materials are then again secured in place through four rows of side stitching which is done by hand, this also increases the stability of the mattress.


The top mattress of the Vividus is, naturally extraordinary. Hand teased horsehair is carefully put in position together with cotton and wool between two pieces of our blue check ticking fabric. After this the top mattress is stitched closed in a way that no seam locks with another which allows for the mattress to be extra soft and pliable. The edges of the top mattress are dressed with a blue cotton trimming.

With this the Vividus bed is complete; a final check is made by the master craftsman before the bed packed for transported to your home. A personalized engraved brass plaque signifies that this unique bed has been made especially for you, according to your wishes.