However you turn, you’ll always feel weightless, like being hugged by a cloud. (A warm and dry and cozy one.)

Maranga got its name from the Maori word for “wake up” and raises the bar for building the world’s most comfortable beds.

Our master craftsmen spare no expense or effort – using only the finest natural materials, a groundbreaking bedding technique and meticulously placed side stitching for both stability and pliability.

Because we want your bed to be as comfortable on the very first night as on the 9,125th.

As natural as breathing

Hästens Maranga is designed to take your sleeping comfort and well-being to the next level—featuring our unique spring system, this time with extra firmness dialed in. Built completely by hand, and hand-stuffed with durable horsehair and carefully selected natural materials, it’s not however just a bed to feel good in. It’s a bed to feel good about.

The proof is in the layering

As with all Hästens continental beds, the secret to exceptional sleep is the balance of materials measured and distributed by the hands of our passionate craftsmen. From its Bonnell spring system and onwards, up to the lavish thick layers of cotton and wool that provide superior softness, Maranga is a study in the art of bed making.

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