How to choose the right pillow

Regardless of which sleeping position you prefer, it’s important to supplement the perfect bed with the perfect accessories.

A good pillow is a vital sleep aid and it's not just for keeping your neck and back aligned. An extra pillow or two can give many extra support options, whether under your neck, cradling your face, between or under your knees, or supporting your lower back. If you are a back sleeper you can put a small pillow under the arch of your spine. If you are a side sleeper you can place a pillow between your knees. If you are a stomach sleeper you can place a pillow under your hips to support the joints.

Like our beds, we’ve spent years developing the Hästens pillow. Balancing support with breathability to keep neck, shoulders and spine aligned. And a travel pillow with those same qualities to make even the longest haul a little more bearable.

Each Hästens pillow has been made from ethically sourced down, and uses our unique weaving techniques to be as breathable and fresh as they are soft.

Hästens Pillow Guide

A few hints and tips to help you find the right pillow for how you sleep.

How supportive is your bed?

If you’ve a soft Hästens you may only need a slim pillow to help keep your body aligned as you sleep. In some cases, we’ve known individuals with soft Hästens to not even need a pillow.

Are you too warm?

Hopefully you’re already a Hästens owner and therefore always at the perfect temperature for sleep. However, in some countries where seasonal temperature changes dramatically you may need a set of bedding for both summer and winter. And don’t forget to make sure you’re not stifling the breathability of your bedding in a super high thread count—which in some cases is as restrictive as a synthetic pillow.

Do you move around lots?

Nobody stays completely still as they sleep. That’s a pipe dream. If you move a lot while you sleep, explore a slightly slimmer pillow that won’t restrict and disturb your movement.

Think about the filling.

If you like to feel like you’re being cradled by softness then down is perfect for you. Our pillows are down proof, which means that you’ll never get any ends poking out to tickle you. And down regulates temperature really well, to keep you cool or warm when you need it.

You’re allergic to down?

If you’re allergic to down then invest in a hypoallergenic pillow cover. You’ll still get the benefits of its superior softness without those inconvenient snuffles.

Buy more, look better.

Not you personally, your room… A handful of pillows can turn a bedroom into a sleep spa with nothing more than a shake and a karate chop in the middle to help them hold their shape. Scatter them at will.

Front or back?

If you sleep on your front or your back we’d recommend a flatter, thinner pillow to put less stress on your spine.

A ‘sidey’?

Side sleepers tend to get on better with a fuller pillow. It's an alignment thing - sleeping on your shoulders will lift your neck so it’ll thank you for a little extra support.

Try before you buy.

At Hästens we believe that you’re never going to get what’s right for you unless you try it properly first, with the help of our sleep advisors. Our boutiques are stocked with all our pillows, and there’s nothing we like better than making sure you get the perfect sleep. Pop by whenever you like.

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