Come discover the value of perfect sleep.

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As of August 1st 2020 you will find us at a new location: Harnis 6, 24937 Flensburg Here, Cornelia Schiller will advise you according to our motto: "The customer is the most important person in our company." Take your time, get to know the exquisite, handmade Hästens beds and the natural sleep - experience the difference.

Our assortment

Here's a few of the highlights our inhouse team have selected as the perfect introduction to the World of Hästens.


Six generations of Swedish bed making tradition. Unrivalled comfort. Handmade with passion. We use only ethically-sourced sustainable resources and natural materials to craft a Hästens bed.


We source our accessories from around the globe. Each one has been selected for quality and comfort, while being created in a way that’s kind to the world we live in.

Natural materials

We only use what we consider to be the finest natural materials. Sustainably produced and ethically sourced – so that those materials can be given a new life one day.

For the little ones

As every parent knows, there is nothing more blissful as your child having as good a sleep as you do.

Our story

Hästens has a rich history running back through six generations—from our roots as master saddlers to Hästens appointment as Royal Purveyors, and the Spirit of Excellence that drives us forward into the future.


Our beds are nothing without handcraft, and handcraft is only as good as those who practice it. Hästens' team of artisans uses traditional techniques handed down through generations to give your bed a soul and character of its own.

Top matresses

A top mattress improves not only your comfort and sleep climate but also your bed’s longevity, playing an integral part of the whole Hästens sleep experience.


Enhance the character of you bedroom by mounting your Hästens bed with one of our collection headboards.


Slip into something a little more comfortable, silky smooth against your skin, and tailored to enhance your sleep experience.

Once we searched the world for the perfect filling material for Hästens mattresses. Now we do the same thing to bring you perfect bed and lifestyle accessories


Address Harnis 6 24937 Flensburg


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