Hästens Luxuria

With its stylish low-profile and poised stance, Hästens Luxuria is an unashamedly beautiful bed.
Handcrafted with durable horsehair and carefully sourced natural
materials, Luxuria delivers an incredible night’s sleep and is built with firmer,
more linear support characteristics.

Luxuria is defined by its slightly firmer support characteristics. You’ll feel how it immediately meets, and adjusts to, your body weight as you lie down before gently carrying you off to sleep.

This extra support comes from a Bonnell spring system with a thicker thread dimension. Thick layers of cotton close to your body provide added softness. With Luxuria, you’ll awake alert, refreshed and energized.

Real luxury is never artificial. It always comes from nature. And nature is the birthplace of Hästens Luxuria, one of the most loved beds in our continental bed collection.

Hästens Luxuria is more than just a beautiful bed, it's the full package—delivering an incredible night's sleep.

As natural as breathing

Hästens Luxuria is one of our newest continental beds, designed to take your sleeping comfort and well-being to the next level—featuring our unique spring system, this time with extra firmness dialed in. Built completely by hand, and hand-stuffed with durable horsehair and carefully selected natural materials, it’s not however just a bed to feel good in. It’s a bed to feel good about.

Layer upon layer of natural materials

BJX luxury top mattress

  1. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard
  2. Pure cotton, mohair & wool
  3. Genuine horsetail hair
  4. Pure cotton, mohair & wool
  5. Genuine horsetail hair
  6. Pure cotton, mohair & wool
  7. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard

Reversible Spring Mattress

  1. Bolster fabric, partly upholstered in cotton stretch fabric
  2. Pure cotton & wool mix (500g/m2)
  3. Genuine horsehair (mix of genuine horsetail hair + cattle hair)
  4. Pure cotton & wool mix (1000g/m2)
  5. Pocket spring system, 13 cm high, individually sprung with firmer springs around the edges and reinforced corner springs 12,5cm. Flax corner padding.
  6. Pure cotton & wool mix (1000g/m2)
  7. Genuine horsehair
  8. Pure cotton & wool mix (500g/m2)
  9. Bolster fabric, partly upholstered in cotton stretch fabric


  1. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard
  2. Pure cotton & wool mix (1000g/m2)
  3. Hästens bonnell spiral spring system, 8 cm high, with firmer edge springs, corner springs 7,5 and flax corner padding
  4. Natural flax
  5. 9,2 cm high solid Swedish pine frame with finger joints. Cotton under lining which prevents dust from entering the bed from below and makes the underside of the bed easy to vacuum.

The proof is in the layering

As with all Hastens continental beds, the secret to exceptional sleep is the balance of materials measured and distributed by the hands of our passionate craftsmen. From its Bonnell spring system and onwards, up to the lavish thick layers of cotton and wool that provide superior softness, Luxuria is a study in the art of bed making.

The bed in all our colours

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