Waking up in a Hästens bed makes all the difference. It’s the world’s finest handmade bed, built withthe ultimate combination of nature’s materials – together with tireless craftsmanship.

With Hästens 2000T series we pushed the boundaries of sleep comfort. It was our first three-part bed, made with a springy bottom section, a thick spring mattress, and a top mattress for even more softness. The effect is revolutionary: however how you turn in the bed, you always feel like you are resting on a cushion of air. No wonder the 2000T has become a worldwide classic. Today it’s developed to perfection.

Now we are pushing the limits for what a bed can look like – and even its name. Introducing Marwari and Appaloosa, made in cooperation with renowned Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg. Based on the extreme comfort of the 2000T and Hästens’ signature blue-and-white check.

Hästens Appaloosa


We wanted to make a contemporary interpretation of our iconic blue-and-white check. The result is a masterpiece that has the qualities to become a classic of its own. The irregular pattern, inspired by cubism, creates an interesting depth to the eye and pushes the boundaries of traditional bed design.

To create the intricate double-layered fabric pattern we ultimately needed to invent a totally new weaving technique (just as with Marwari). The bed’s name comes from the Appaloosa horses of America that are known for their colorful and irregularly spotted coats.

Hästens Marwari


Hästens comes from the Swedish word for horse. The idea behind Marwari was to pay homage to our heritage as master saddle makers. For the fabric, we let ourselves be inspired by the intricate structure of saddle girth. To make the pattern smooth in texture, we had to invent a completely new way of weaving.

It took two years before we were satisfied – but what else can you do when you are obsessed with perfection? The rich brown color, with its living, natural shimmer, recalls the majestic Marwari horses of India. The leather details and trim completes the design to create a sophisticated and functional sleeping oasis.

Design in cooperation with Bernadotte & Kylberg

Zo worden dromen gemaakt

Met zijn verfijnde details en uniek design is Hästens 2000T een van onze meest exclusieve bedden. Het wordt volledig met de hand vervaardigd, met uitsluitend volledig natuurlijke materialen van de hoogste kwaliteit, laag op laag, met een dubbele pocketveren systeem en levert zo de ultieme slaapervaring.

Moderne verfijning voor ultieme luxe

Voor Hästens 2000T ontwikkelden we een unieke laagjesmethode met het fijnste paardenhaar, katoen en wol; natuurlijke lagen bewegen onafhankelijk van elkaar voor een bijna dromerige 'eerste aanraking'. Het resultaat is een echt superieur bed met een zachter oppervlak en meer flexibiliteit: perfect voor iedereen die droomt van de ultieme slaapervaring. Dit is zonder twijfel het juiste bed voor jou.