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Discover Showroom Beds and the best sleep - at the Best Possible Price.

Imagine having the best sleep of your life. Imagine the feeling of being awake for the first time in your life. Awake to new possibilities, improved health and relationships, your best thinking and your best life.

Hästens mission is to create beds that provide you with a perfect sleep, because the perfect sleep changes your day.

- You wake up, now you are awake for the first time in your life.

- And you feel awake all day long.

- Why is this the perfect sleep?

- Because how you feel at 4PM is the only way to judge the sleep quality your bed provides.

How long have you searched for that perfect sleep and that feeling of being fully awake?

Follow your dreams to the closest Hästens showroom and find the best bed made with the finest craftsmanship and natural materials.

We invite you to stop by and select from our finest display at the best possible prices starting December 27, 2019. But hurry up because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Select showroom beds are available on a first come, first served basis, starting December 27, 2019.