Hästens Excel®

Strong and silent. An energy-boosting sanctuary.


Hästens Excel is your dependable retreat from the world. Lose yourself in 15 layers of carefully combined horsetail hair, wool, cotton and flax, a double-spring system and reassuringly solid pine frame. Any time you feel the need to recharge, simply seek out this bed’s welcome embrace.

Like all Hästens beds, the natural materials in Hästens Excel allow the free circulation of air, ensuring a comfortable temperature for sleep.

Its spring systems and wooden frame are encased in natural flax, preventing any components from rubbing against each other. This flax both quietens the bed and cleverly discharges naturally occurring static electricity. Even if you choose to snooze clad entirely in nylon sleepwear, sparks in Hästens Excel will only ever be the romantic kind.

One bed.
many colors.

Naturial materials

In the starring role:

Springy horsetail hair, cushioning flax, slow-growing pine, superior wool and long-fibre cotton. Only the finest natural materials feature in Hästens handmade beds.  

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