Hästens Vividus®

Our second most exclusive bed


When we created Hästens Vividus, our ambition was simple: to surpass every other bed. To redefine the boundaries of comfort, quality, craftmanship and ergonomics. Time and cost was to be no object.

The result is Hästens Vividus. A masterpiece of the finest natural materials, traditional craftmanship and meticulous attention to detail. It takes an un-rushed 45 days to complete a single order – and even then, there are nine of the world’s most foremost bed artisans on the task.

A bed like Vividus can only be experienced in the most selected of stores. During a private VIP test-sleep we shall introduce you to Vividus, its unique structure and the many personalization options available.

One bed.
many colors.

Naturial materials

In the starring role:

Springy horsetail hair, cushioning flax, slow-growing pine, superior wool and long-fibre cotton. Only the finest natural materials feature in Hästens handmade beds.  

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