Hästens Blue Check,
our utilitarian standard bearer

On the face of it you might think Hästens Blue Check is a nice pattern—easy on the eye, with a color gradient that looks great on a bed. Yet the blue check we use on our beds is more than just a fabric or pattern. It has many roles to play; as a standard, as a means of communication and one of our most important quality-assurance tools.

Representing the best sleep since 1978

Hästens blue check was created in 1978 by our own Jack Ryde, father of current owner and executive chairman, Jan Ryde. He was fascinated by arts and design and set out to draft a fresh, distinctive pattern (in a fabric of highest quality) to represent the brand. When his blue check was introduced at a furniture trade fair in Sweden it drew criticism from journalists who, at the time, believed this eye-catching design was at odds with the trend for shades of brown, green and orange. The blue and white checkered Hästens upholstery was unlike anything ever seen on a bed before. Today we know that developing blue check was a wise decision; and it's a design which has grown to define Hästens.

A patented icon of quality

The functional design and innovative weave has made Hästens blue check an icon of bedding culture and a guarantee of authentic quality. Only Hästens and its devoted master craftsmen can combine the finest natural materials with the art of bed-making. The Hästens check pattern, name and logo are registered with the Patent and Registration Office of Sweden, which means that only a Hästens bed can use these trademarks worldwide. In some countries, the checks are registered three-dimensionally on beds, mattresses and bed linen; giving Hästens exclusive rights to use the pattern on its products.

Perfect sleep is woven into the seams of our signature check

The classic Hästens check is a jacquard woven fabric, made of 100 percent cotton of the highest quality and eco-friendly dyed in compliance with Oeko-Tex standard 100. The dense, lustrous fabric is woven with twined cotton, with as many as 45 threads per square centimeter (290 threads per square inch), engineered into bolsters with precision accuracy.

Blue check acts as a physical alignment tool for our craftsmen, to give the right shape to our products. Throughout the Hästens factory, blue check is the grid from which quality and alignment are measured; to give you the ultimate sleep experience functionally and aesthetically.


Hästens beds are not only available in our classic blue check. You can choose from many colors to personalize your bed: classic blue, black, beige, graphite, silver grey, white, royal navy, solid black, solid brown, solid sand and even the striped S12. Visit your local Hästens store to see all the available options.

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