Passion from the Heart,
Delivered by Hand

Swedish excellence and a devotion for making the best beds in the world are engrained in Hästens and everything we create. The world around us changes. Our devotion to handcraft remains. It’s been this way since 1852.

Our beds are nothing without handcraft, and handcraft is only as good as those who practice it. Hästens' team of artisans uses traditional techniques handed down through generations to give your bed a soul and character of its own.


Our craftsmen are everything; the core of everything we do and make at Hästens. Handcrafting beds from layers of natural materials with meticulous attention to detail. The skills they use are the key to your perfect sleep, and the way they work has remained unchanged since our beginnings.

Mother Nature Provides

The search for perfect sleep brings us close to nature, harvesting the purest materials to create your Hästens bed. Each material we source has its own properties that enhance the way you sleep.

Sweden in Your Bed

Swedish thinking and problem solving have informed the way each Hästens bed is crafted. We’re a global
company, sure, but Hästens beds wouldn’t be the way they are were it not for our Swedish roots.

The Dream Factory

The Dream Factory is where our artisans work their magic. Our spiritual home of excellence,
it couldn't be further from the conventional factory environment.


Beneath the calm blue check exterior, Hästens beds are packed with sleep innovations. From the way we construct our frames to the thread count of our pillows, our design philosophy is progressive and always evolving.

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