Hästens Lenoria

The adjustable bed, Hästens Lenoria is one of our most comfortable. A combination of precision engineering and artisanal handcraft, it’s the ultimate choice for sleeping or those special moments when you simply don’t have to get out of bed. Wall-hugging technology, Bluetooth connectivity and packed with soft, breathable natural materials, Lenoria effortlessly adjusts to your life.

Hästens Lenoria features layers of cotton, wool, flax and horsetail hair—for a soft pliable surface softness. The bed’s layers glide over one another and make its movements almost unnoticeable if you alter positions while in the bed.

Hästens Lenoria has been specially designed with a sliding lateral movement that maintains a constant distance between bed and wall. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this also means that items like a bedside table will always be within reach.

The bed can be adjusted via its own controller or connected to your phone via Bluetooth so it can be adjusted from afar; ready for when you need it. Lenoria’s motors are certified in accordance with the EcoDesign Directive, needing only 0.5W on standby.

Lenoria can be tailored to your requirements without hindering its performance. You can even specify a split bed, with different comfort and support levels on each side—with its wall-hugging movements ensuring you and your partner remain in perfect harmony.

Tech and tradition

Being adjustable, Hästens Lenoria has been given a slightly softer character so that you can really enjoy its ‘curves’. You’ll soon discover that you’re spending more time in the comfort of your bed than ever before, as its perfect blend of technology and Hästens’ exceptional craft become a part of your everyday life as well as your sleep.

Our most technical bed

Hästens Lenoria is equipped with the wall hugging feature, a sliding mechanism where the bed maintains a continuous distance from the wall when you adjust the position. In addition to the purely aesthetic advantages of this design, you also get benefits such as always keeping your bedside table within easy reach. And, if you have a split bed, you’ll still maintain eye contact with your partner. Choose from black, white and oak chassis.

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