Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford Being Collection

by Ilse Crawford

Design that
promotes wellbeing.

We can barely contain our excitement regarding our new collaboration with British designer Ilse Crawford. Not only does she share our commitment to design that promotes wellbeing, Ilse is also a successful author renowned for her freethinking ideas and humanistic approach. Her books explore the ideas of feeling at home and how environments can inspire and make us feel more alive. Such achievements have been recognized by the Queen, who awarded Ilse an MBE.

Ilse has now designed several pieces exclusively for the Hästens Being collection – such as her elegant bed skirt with its kick pleat seams and crisp, detailed stitching. Ilse appreciates the bed as a place for more than sleep, with designs for our super-comfortable angled headboard and our supportive, elongated back pillow.

Her unique design style can also be seen in her reinterpretation of our bed linen and headboard slipcovers. One of the materials she has used in the collection is hemp, originally an ancient medicinal plant, and one of the most sturdy and durable materials there is. In Ilse’s take on the material it has been stonewashed in muted ashy and earthy tones.

When asked about her inspiration for the new Hästens Being collection, Ilse said: “Hästens’ long-term engagement for quality and attention to detailed craftsmanship fascinates me. Working on the collection, we’ve looked for the optimum dimensions to support our behavior and bodies, and how materials, finishes and textures can change our perception and comfort. People usually function at their best when they are open, relaxed and healthy. We wanted to create the preconditions for that state.”

Ilse bed with bedskirt
Ilse bed without bedskirt

Hästens Being Collectionby Ilse Crawford

Bed linen

Classic bed linen in crisp white, designed by Ilse Crawford. Woven exclusively from 100 % European linen for a highlyabsorbent ultra-relaxed feel that get even softer with every sleep.

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified range includes a down quilt cover with button-closing, flat sheets and an Oxford pillow case with a smart deep border.

Hästens Being Collectionby Ilse Crawford


An ingeniously sloping headboard, designed to support and enhance the experience of being in bed. Firmness at the base offers lower back support and gradually gives way to a comforting softness at head level. It is offered in range of dimensions to ensure the slope is accurately angled for every Hästens bed model. This bed-mounted headboard, with recommended legs for extra stability, is available in Blue Check and can be dressed in a hemp slipcover from the Ilse collection. Made from pine, wool and cotton.

Hästens Being Collectionby Ilse Crawford

Headboard cover

A stonewashed slipcover, tailormade for Hästens Being headboards. Made of 100% hemp (the super-fabric favored for its durability and sustainability) this cover reaches all the way to the floor, completely covering both the headboard and the bed legs. Designed for use with headboard legs, this slipcover is removable and washable at 40°C.

Available in Taupe, Dark Grey and Natural.

Hästens Being Collectionby Ilse Crawford


An exclusive bed skirt made in 100 % hemp, widely considered to be one of the most durable and sustainable materials on earth. With a 10 mm seam allowance to fully cover the bed legs, the skirt lightly skims the floor. Every last detail has been considered; from the elegant kick pleat seams to the crisp and discrete stitching.

Available in Taupe, Dark Grey and Natural.

Hästens Being Collectionby Ilse Crawford

Back pillow

A new addition to our pillow range, designed by Ilse Crawford. Placed behind your lower back as you sit up in bed, it gives welcome support to the lumber spine. An accompanying pillow cover range means it more than holds its own in the decorative stakes, too.

Filled with 50 % goose down and 50 % goose feathers.

Hästens Being Collectionby Ilse Crawford

Back pillow cover

A stonewashed pillow cover in 100 % hemp, specially designed to fit the Ilse Crawford back pillow. Removable and washable at 40°C.

Available in Taupe, Dark Grey and Natural.