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The Hästens top mattress is essential for a more hygienic, fresh and healthy sleep. Made from natural materials our top mattresses breathe to help keep you warm during cold winter nights and cool in summer. A top mattress improves not only your comfort and sleep climate but also your bed’s longevity, playing an integral part of the whole Hästens sleep experience. The top mattress was invented in the early 1900s and Hästens is proud to be the world’s first manufacturer to use one on continental beds.


One night is all it takes to appreciate the feeling of natural breathable materials next to your skin; adding a whole new dimension of comfort and softness to any bed, be it a Hästens or otherwise. Various mattress sizes, material combinations and colors are available in the Hästens top mattress range.

Choose between two models:

BJX Luxury, filled with several layers of cotton, wool, mohair and horsehair of the highest quality.

BJ, filled with cotton, wool and soft, springy, flexible horsehair of excellent quality.

Both models breathe and let you sleep in an airy, dry environment at the right temperature. To maintain maximum comfort, we recommend you change the top mattress every five to seven years and always use a cotton mattress protector for everyday freshness.


In honor of our Swedish heritage, we still craft traditional TM mattresses for firmer bases, filled with genuine horsehair and cotton. The horsetail hair in the middle forms an airy cushion of millions of springy spirals. A layer of pure cotton and wool rests on both sides of the horsehair. The TM mattresses are stuffed, stitched and tufted completely by hand using techniques almost unchanged from a century ago.

Choose between A-luxury horsehair and J horsehair. Available in two heights: 4 cm (TM4) and 8 cm (TM8).

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