Hästens Appaloosa®

The opposite of understatement.


In celebration of our 40-year anniversary, we challenged award-winning design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg to devise a contemporary interpretation of Hästens check. Our brief: elevate the already-exceptional 2000T model to new heights.

Our expectations were exceeded. On every level. The sophisticated Cubist-inspired design language creates a curious sense of depth, lifting the personality of the 2000T to previously unexplored realms.

The intricacy of Appaloosa’s design specification demanded the creation of a bespoke double-layered fabric pattern. Underneath which three separate spring systems work as one to ensure your entire body is supported just as it should be. 37 indulgent layers of our finest natural materials are topped by an irresistible BJX Luxury top mattress.

Appaloosa shares its name with the striking American horse breed, famed for its rich coloring and irregular spotted pattern.

Naturial materials

In the starring role:

Springy horsetail hair, cushioning flax, slow-growing pine, superior wool and long-fibre cotton. Only the finest natural materials feature in Hästens handmade beds.

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