Hästens Classic

Sophisticated and minimal, Hästens Classic is the newest of our continental beds. Its unique mix of materials delivers a slim profile that still provides the incredible deep support that Hästens is famed for.

It’s a bed that strikes the perfect balance among the classic hallmarks of a Hästens continental - the attention to detail, the craft, the construction and resulting sleep properties - without lifting the price skywards.

Hästens Classic has layers of cotton, wool and flax, precisely distributed to give a supple surface feel that really lets you drop into its support. The Hästens horsehair top mattress provides that little extra initial spring.

In the base of the Hästens classic sits an 8cm Hästens Bonnell spring system and sturdy corner springs for form alignment. In the mattress you’ll find a silent 13 Hästens Pocket Spring system isolating your movements effortlessly.

Hästens Classic is available as a split bed for extra versatility and all bolster colours except white.

Perfectly composed

Hästens Classic is our take on what we feel a ‘bed for all’ should be. Stylish, comfortable, adaptable, supportive… Made by hand. Quality in every detail and with an eye on price.

Layer upon layer of natural materials

BJX luxury top mattress

  1. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard
  2. Pure cotton, mohair & wool
  3. Genuine horsetail hair
  4. Pure cotton, mohair & wool
  5. Genuine horsetail hair
  6. Pure cotton, mohair & wool
  7. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard

Reversible Spring Mattress

  1. Cotton/stretch upholstery
  2. Pure Cotton & wool mix 500g/m2
  3. Pure Cotton & wool 1000g/m2
  4. Pocket spring system 13cm
  5. 5cm reinforced corner springs


  1. Cotton upholstery
  2. Flax
  3. Cotton/wool 1000m2
  4. Bones spring system 8cm
  5. 7.5cm reinforced corner springs
  6. Pine frame 9.2cm
  7. Cotton underlining

Our special blend

Hästens Classic has a unique blend of cotton, wool and flax for a pureness of comfort that can be energised or further subdued through changing its top mattress. Dual spring systems in the mattress and base give a depth of support that complements the softness of the bed.

The bed in all our colours

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