Hästens Excel

The Hästens Excel is made using skilled craftsmanship, double spring systems, attention to detail and a feeling for the finest natural materials. Some perceive Excel as a generous, inviting bed—with a soft comfort level backed by the responsive support of its Hästens pocket and Hästens bonnell spring systems.

Made entirely by hand and to order according to personal, Hästens Excel is deep and plush, adjusting effortlessly to your body movements for uninterrupted sleep.

The Hästens Bonnell spring system is engineered to be steady while the pocket spring is pliable and responsive as you lie and move, giving way to deeper robust support while you rest.

Crafted from natural materials in the skilled, capable hands of our passionate craftsmen, Excel is made to last. Reliability as well as performance if you will.

Layers of horsetail hair, purest wool and teased cotton give Excel its supreme comfort and softness.

Perfect lines for perfect sleep

Corner structure is important with a frame bed, and like our other models Excel gets extra reinforcement from stiffer corner springs so the bed will retain its beautiful lines.

Generous natural layers

The first-class, comfortable natural stuffing material of genuine horsehair, pure new wool and cotton follows the contours of your body and allows air to circulate, which means you will always sleep at the proper temperature. The double spring systems, combined with the natural stuffing material, the double elastic stretch fabric and the solid, stable frame, means that you won’t even notice when your partner turns over in bed during the night.

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