How high shall we lift your sleep comfort level?

The aim of a Hästens mattress is simple: to raise your sleeping comfort to a whole new level. Their endless appeal comes in part from our highest quality natural materials that gives each mattress its plumpness, and part from their extraordinary smoothness. Most other mattresses are sewn with traditional straight seams. Yet Hästens mattresses are quilted, or sewn together, in a very particular way. To best follow the body’s natural movements in bed, Hästens mattresses are quilted in a special diamond pattern with soft, flowing waves.

Your mattress plays a natural and important role in your bed’s layer-on-layer effect, helping transport away moisture and regulate your optimal climate for sleep. A cotton cover ensures long-term freshness.

Hästens BJX Luxury Top Mattress

Filled with cotton, wool and high-quality horsetail hair, this indulgent top mattress is as breathable as it is supple, creating the optimally cool sleeping climate. A particularly high proportion of horsetail hair adds an extra dimension of springiness.

Height: 5 cm.

Hästens BJX Top Mattress

HÄSTENS BJX TOP MATTRESS Filled with cotton, wool and high-quality horsetail hair for a delightfully comfy and breathable top mattress.

Height: 5 cm.

Hästens BJ Top Mattress

Filled with cotton, wool and soft, springy and flexible horsetail hair of excellent quality. The generous cotton core keeps this top mattress soft and supple.

Height: 5 cm.

Hästens BV Top Mattress

Filled with thick soft cotton and wool. The cotton wool mixture is both cloud-like and clever, first absorbing then removing moisture so you remain cool and dry all night long. Not available in the US or UK..

Height: 4 cm.

Hästens Traditional TM mattresses

In honor of our Swedish heritage, we still craft traditional TM mattresses for firmer bases. They are filled with millions of springy spirals of our finest horsetail hair, sewn and tassel-tied by hand in the same way bed masters have been doing it since we first started out. Perfect for anyone who appreciates a lovely, firm and airy feel to their bed. The most common use is as a top mattress on one of our beds.

Choose between A-lyx horsetail hair and J horsetail hair. Available in two heights: 4 cm (TM4) and 8 cm (TM8).

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