Hästens Proferia

Deep, bold and powerful; Proferia delivers as a statement piece in any space. It signifies that you sleep in one of the most comfortable beds in the world and awake revitalised every single day. Proferia is sublime on all levels, boasting some of Hästens’ most pioneering sleep innovations.

A unique bed combining only the best materials and finest production methods. Experience the weightlessness as you realize the dream of Proferia sleep.

A compact continental bed, with extreme pliability and amazing surface softness—qualities that will give you a blissfully undisturbed sleep .

Lying in the Proferia is like listening to the finest symphony. Delicate but powerful layers of feeling. Passionate and overwhelming in its intense support and pressure relief. Your body will be carried in perfect balance, with support coming from deep within.

Hästens Proferia is extremely balanced with individual spring elasticity—making your partner’s movements go unnoticed. With Hästens Proferia, we have taken the best of the base techniques from Hästens 2000T, such as triple spring systems and the unique layering technique of the natural materials, giving you a deep sense of comfort.

Proferia Sleep

Triple spring systems, double side stitching and with horsetail hair distributed into thinner layers, separated by membranes of cotton or wool bring a complexity of support to Proferia. A soft, considerate, even embrace that supports your body’s every movement without disturbing your sleeping partner.

Layer upon layer of natural materials

BJX luxury top mattress

  1. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard
  2. Pure cotton, mohair & wool
  3. Genuine horsetail hair
  4. Pure cotton, mohair & wool
  5. Genuine horsetail hair
  6. Pure cotton, mohair & wool
  7. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard

Reversible spring mattress

  1. Bolster fabric, partly upholstered in cotton stretch fabric
  2. Pure cotton & wool mix (1000g/m2)
  3. Genuine horsetail hair (genuine horsetail hair + cattle hair mix in all layers horsehair)
  4. Pure cotton & wool mix (200g/m2)
  5. Genuine horsetail hair (notice that Proferia is the first in the range followed by the 2000T and Vividus having a double layer of horsehair on each side of the pocket springs system!)
  6. Pure cotton & wool mix (1000g/m2)
  7. 15 cm high with reinforced corner springs 16cm and flax corner padding
  8. Pure cotton & wool mix (1000g/m2)
  9. Genuine horsetail hair
  10. Pure cotton & wool mix (200g/m2)
  11. Genuine horsetail hair
  12. Pure cotton & wool mix (1000/m2)
  13. Bolster fabric, partly upholstered in cotton stretch fabric


  1. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard
  2. Pure cotton & wool mix (1000g/m2)
  3. Hästens Bonnell 8cm
  4. Natural flax
  5. Hästens Delta Bonnell spiral spring system, 13 cm high + corner springs 12,5 and flax corner padding
  6. Natural flax
  7. 16,8 cm high solid Swedish pine frame with finger joints. Cotton under lining which prevents dust from entering the bed from below and makes the underside of the bed easy to vacuum.

Exceptional comfort

Hästens Proferia has a unique layering method, with horsehair divided into several thinner layers, with membranes of cotton or wool placed in between. This allows the springy horsehair greater room to move, providing maximum comfort.

The bed in all our colours

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