Hästens Superia®

The best frame bed we have ever built.


The feeling that comes from resting in a Hästens Superia is best described with a single word: bottomless.

In an absence of resistance or pressure from below, you sink almost weightlessly into the bed. Just deep enough to ensure your spine is kept straight, whether you are on your side, back or front.

Indeed, our most amazing frame bed so far exists simply for you to relax and wake up entirely rested. Hiding under the surface lies a double-spring system and 15 layers of expertly selected natural materials, nestled on a sturdy, wooden frame. This part will go un-seen, yet the effect is never un-noticed.

And as perfection is not something one rushes, our frames are made from a particularly slow-growing northern Swedish pine. This gives your bed extra stability, a permanence enhanced by our choice of traditional corner finger joints over screws and nails.

Hästens Superia combines weight and craftmanship in such unshakeable silence you may well forget you are even in it.

One bed.
many colors.

Naturial materials

In the starring role:

Springy horsetail hair, cushioning flax, slow-growing pine, superior wool and long-fibre cotton. Only the finest natural materials feature in Hästens handmade beds.  

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