Hästens Superia

Hästens Superia is our most sophisticated frame bed. Inside its tight, compact size you’ll find double Hästens spring systems, dialed in for a poetic balance between comfort and support. Multiple layers of cotton and wool are distributed by hand across its expanse for a pliability and softness no synthetic bed could ever match.

Hästens attention to detail defines Superia, from the construction of its perfectly aligned frame to the lining that prevents dust from entering the bed from underneath.

Superia is often described as supple to the touch, its layers of natural materials moulding to support and caress your body. Yet the support from within will make you feel almost weightless as you drift into sleep.

Given that most of the technology in an integrated bed is contained in its frame, it’s vital this base is built to last to your exacting specifications, and that it meets our own peerless quality control. Superia exceeds on these counts.

One factor of Superia’s twin Hästens spring systems are that they are virtually silent in operation. So while they work flawlessly to support your every move during sleep; they’ll do so without making a sound.

Relaxation is standard

Hästens Superia is a deceptive bed—our wolf in sheep’s clothing. The feeling of relaxation that washes over your body is such that you need reminding you’re lying in a compact, versatile frame bed. As perfect for your first Hästens experience as it is to treating guests in your spare room, Superia is a high-performance sleep machine.

Spring first, then support

Superia contains Hästens double spring systems. Just like any other component in a Hästens bed, the springs are a science in themselves, and are one of the most important parts of your bed. The springiness, durability and “softness” of the springs are key factors when it comes to how well you sleep at night and, in turn, how good you feel during the day. Hästens Superia offers a sleeping experience on a whole new level.

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