We never sleep on the details
- but you will

Sleep is in the details, in the engineering of the bed, in the utmost devotion of the master craftsman’s work and in the all-natural materials. Each of our beds is packed with clever design touches that add up to an even better sleep.

Handmade in Sweden

All our beds are made by hand in Sweden. And, if there’s one thing Sweden knows, it’s crafting things from natural materials with our hands. When it comes to making a Hästens bed, no machine can surpass the talents and techniques used by our master craftsmen.
They give it a higher dimension, building the spirit of excellence into all our beds and keeping them forever connected to the heart of Hästens.
In the right bed you will feel comfortable, rested, rejuvenated, healthy and energized. The difference is something you feel night after night after night. When you lie in your Hästens bed, imagine the caring hands that made it. It’s almost like they are there to tuck you in every night.

No shortcuts. No 'good enoughs'.

Layer upon layer of genuine horsetail hair, cotton and wool, in a rigorously calculated composition, is placed by hand and distributed evenly. The horsetail hair is carefully hand-teased, an ancient artisanal task, to achieve a ventilating structure with superior humidity absorption. This is just one of the crafts we use that takes skill, experience and time.

Our craftsmen know with the slightest touch whether the perfect balance has been reached. If not, they begin again. There’s no compromise where your comfort is concerned.

Our springs are never sprung

Hästens Bonnell and Hästens Pocket Springs are made in Swedish steel (the best in the world) and are set in combinations to give your bed its special support characteristics.
We use firmer, stiffer springs for the corners of the bed to help keep the shape and isolate the springs closest to you in pockets so that you’ll not hear them working. If your bed has a Hästens Bonnell, those springs are insulated with flax to eliminate any noise.
Early on we discovered that it’s important that the springs closest to your body move independently of each other, so that your movements during sleep will be smooth and not wake you up. At the same time, any movements from your sleeping partner won’t interrupt your sleep either.

Side stitching

Hästens mattresses have a unique side stitching. On the surface, a bed just looks better with a side stitch—straight lines mixing with stylish undulations on our signature Hästens check. But we’ve refined our side stitch into a functional piece of design. By varying the positioning of the stitching, angle and frequency we can enhance the specific qualities of specific beds. Heightening the responsive support or bringing out surface softness. Ask an advisor instore about the ways our side stitch works and experience the difference.

Tuft at the top

The natural materials in Hästens beds are supposed to move and be active. This lets the bed breathe so you’ll never overheat like you do on an un-porous latex, rubber or foam mattress. Move though, not migrate. So we've developed many techniques to gently keep the layers of natural materials in place but let them glide, move and mould around you. Like tufting for example, an incredibly complex seaming pattern across your top mattress that keeps the horsehair in place without compromising ventilation, comfort or aesthetic alignment. On our most exclusive beds, each tuft is crowned with a cotton Hästens check button lined up perfectly to the check.

A frame as good as the artwork within

You don’t slap a 25-year guarantee on a bed without first being sure that it’s tough enough to withstand hours and hours of use every single day. In the grand scheme of things, your bed is the single most used item of furniture in your home - the piece of furniture that bears the most load for the longest amount of time. The cumulative weight of an average couple spending hours every night in a bed for up to 25 years is immense. And no part of a bed bears more tonnage than the frame. Hästens beds have a solid wood frame using pine from the forests in Sweden’s north. The harsh climate slows down the growth of the tree, making it harder, tougher and more resilient. And, in our humble opinion, there’s precious few woods in this world that, when untreated, look more inviting than a slow grown Nordic spruce. If you want some trivia, our pine is harvested when the trees are between 90-120 years old and we inspect each plank, selecting only those with less than three knots per meter (and on Vividus no plank of pine can have a knot on its outer-facing surface!).

Real quality lasts

A Hästens bed is built to be comfortable not only the first time you lie down, but for year after year after year. It evolves organically with time and actually becomes more comfortable with age.
A Hästens bed improves your quality of sleep as it ages because the more you use your bed, the more it becomes attuned to your body. A Hästens bed is designed to make you sleep better, give you natural energy, improve your mood and keep you youthful – every night and every day.

With age comes knowledge

Your Hästens bed will grow to know you, to fit you and your sleep. We celebrate the ageing of our beds and take great pride in making products for life, a hallmark of quality that sets us apart.

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