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A product of creativity

It's been said that the best way to fuel creativity and innovation is to surround yourself with it. That's what we did when we enlisted architect Ralph Erskine to create our 'Tivoli' in the 1940s.

In the mid 1940s Hästens had outgrown its production site and began seeking a new home. David Janson, Hästens third generation leader had lofty ambitions for the new premises. It had to be more than just an assembly line hangar; there had to be a soul. A place that fired the senses.

Almost by accident Janson came into contact with the young Ralph Erskine, a relatively unknown British architect who was touring by bicycle through Sweden. Their collective thoughts on architecture meshed perfectly and Erskine was immediately commissioned for the task. The outcome was a building quite unlike conventional utility spaces at the time.

Initially referred to as ‘The Tivoli’, the building captured the imagination and, with its undulating arched roof, elegant lines and nautical references, has become an iconic landmark in architectural circles.

In 1998, Erskine returned to extend the building he drafted some 50 years prior. On arrival, he told Jan Ryde; “It feels exactly the same as when I talked to your grandfather 50 years ago. It has the same values and the same feeling.”

The Dream Factory

There's a tangible peace and tranquility that you can sense at our Dream Factory. It's here our family of craftsfolk work; a place of quiet activity, of traditional techniques that happen instinctively without noisy, hissing machines. It's a place of care and love for sleep.

To call it a "factory" is perhaps doing the beds it produces, and those who craft them, a disservice. This isn’t a typical chop shop. We don’t have a storeroom full of foam and rubber or machines chomping and slicing and hissing away. There are no blazing furnaces. No robots.

We have people who use their senses, their skills and techniques passed down through generations to craft our beds.

Our Dream Factory is a place of focused activity, as Hästens craftsmen go about their work. You can hear their conversations, mentally checking-off quality inspections and confirming alignments.

The Dream Factory is part of Hästens, and part of your bed. That stillness and peace you feel when you lie in it. That energy and joy upon waking. The longing for bed at the end of a long day. The way our atelier fuels and feeds our passion for sleep cannot be replicated, only appreciated.

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