The legacy of Sweden in every bed

To understand Hästens you need to understand Sweden. A land where nature is never more than a stone’s throw away. A place where its people have a profound connection with the natural resources around them, and a commitment to nurturing them.

As a remote nation in Northern Europe, Sweden has always been capable and self-reliant. And our ‘challenging’ climate influences the decisions we take; especially where solving problems and creating things is concerned. We know how to maximize our resources with minimal impact, know which trees to take, and those to leave for the future. And we know that the simplest route to solving a problem is the best.

We’re analytical, and don’t embark on a project without the necessary planning and preparation. Some foreigners might remark that we take a while making decisions; yet it’s part of our analytical nature. And it ensures that the end result is far better realized than if we were to take rash decisions and cut corners.

Our solutions are typically people-centric; placing the user first. We think and design holistically with function uppermost. As a result, our design heritage is one marked by simple, functional minimalism and very intelligent use of natural materials. Why import something when we can make it ourselves from the things we have around us?

Yet we’re not adverse to experimenting, refining and exploring outside of our land. We’ve always made the most of our adventures… In fact, we’re rather good at assimilating skills, techniques and materials from abroad, and applying them into what we do internally. That’s why today we’re at the forefront of industries like technology (both digital and hardware), medicine, and progressive industrial design. It's a combination of traditional problem solving and logic, applied to new arenas.

Today, our nature still holds a profound influence on how we live. Young or old, Swedes are happy in nature regardless of seasons—helped by Allemansrätten; a bylaw that grants anyone the right to roam free in Sweden’s countryside and forests. One can even camp, providing you are responsible and considerate of course. And nature’s fruits are yours to enjoy within reason.

With this heightened awareness of our natural environment, comes a collective responsibility to ensuring that what we do at Hästens leaves as little impact ecologically (and ethically) as possible. We promise to always give back more than we take away—and insist on that same level of commitment from our suppliers. This is the way it should be. Because without nature - its beauty, strength and life, we’re nothing.

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