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We’ve been making the world’s greatest beds for over 160 years. And we are asked all the
time, “Is the experience of sleeping on a Hästens really that special?” Well, yes it is.

First, one does not sleep on our beds. One sleeps in a Hästens. The difference is easy to explain when you’ve got someone lying, relaxed, in a Hästens in your store. They experience a unique feeling of weightlessness – as if floating on a cushion of air – their entire body is supported in perfect balance.
Once someone experiences and understands these feelings, any other bed will always fall short by comparison.

Why join the Hästens family as a Retail Partner?

-Serve a Growing Market: Here are several key market trends that align with being a Hästens Partner

-“Practical Luxury” – A growing appreciation for moving beyond mere indulgence, the trend toward luxury products that are not just beautifully crafted, but also perform their physical function at the very highest level (a luxury handbag carries things, a luxury watch tells time, but a Hästens bed changes your quality of life).

-“Self-reward” – There is huge growth in consumers making big-ticket, high-end purchases that would normally be thought of as self-indulgence, but are now more appropriately psychologically justified as a “self-reward” that has been earned.

-“Sleep and quality of life” – The conversation on sleep has shifted away from how much sleep one gets and toward the quality of that sleep. In today’s world, consistent, deep, restful sleep has actually become a luxury item. It is a leading topic of health experts, major media outlets, and even TED Talks. And consumers are,rightfully, paying attention

-“Environmental responsibility” – Perhaps no current market trend is as strong as that of being an environmentally responsible consumer. Most of today’s mattresses containing foam are derived from petroleum chemicals – oil. The materials in Hästens beds are all natural and sustainably sourced – perfect for the environmentally responsible consumer.

-Unique Store Concept: For both stand-alone stores and shop-in-shops, a professionally designed concept that is both commercial and “unmistakably Hästens.”

-Support: Highly engaged sales and marketing support

-Hästens Training Academy

-Dedicated sales support

-Market-specific marketing planning and execution

-Assortment: A full range of beds and accessories across a broad price range


-Why we get up every day

We craft sleep for a restless world. A world that refuses to slow down. A world full of people who are waking up far too tired. For those who dream of living a fulfilling, productive life, we are relentless.
We are passionate because we know there are few things more important.
For generations we have been refining our work to help provide the most restful sleep.
We use the best natural materials and deliver the finest craftsmanship for unmatched quality. The world changes around us, but our focus remains the same. We never compromise on sleep. Sleep at its deepest.
Sleep in its most natural state. Sleep how it should be. Wake up to the benefits of sleep with Hästens.


Hästens is a 5th generation family owned business. For over 160 years we have been refining our craft and still to this day we are a thriving independent company, driven by our commitment to providing a higher quality of life to the world through sleep. Today Hästens is expanding globally at a rapid pace and we are looking for partners to join us.


300+ stores in over 40 countries | Full concept stores and shop-in-shops
37 stores opened in 2018

We have stores located all around the world.
To locate the Hästens store closest to you, check out our store locator.
If you would like more information on our brand, our business model and what it means to be a Hästens Retail Partner please contact Egon Vestergaard at

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