A Hästens bed is sleep like you've never experienced it before

Six generations of Swedish bed making tradition. Unrivalled comfort. Handmade with passion. We use only ethically-sourced sustainable resources and natural materials to craft a Hästens bed. The purest flax, wool and cotton, slow-grown Swedish pine and genuine hypoallergenic horsehair.

Hästens Vividus

The best bed in the world. Handmade from beginning to end. An uncompromising showcase of expert craftsmanship with unmatched levels of support and comfort.

Hästens 2000T

A modern icon that lifts the standard by which other continental beds are measured. Defined by a springy, lively edge to its support.

Hästens Proferia

Perfectly poised with steady support from three spring systems within and double layers of horsetail hair for rich surface softness.

Hästens Auroria

Super plush spring systems deliver amazing pressure relief in the upper body and hips. The perfect blend of stability and comfort throughout.

Hästens Luxuria

Firm support, side stitched for stability and a tight, modern, low-slung profile. Thick layers of cotton and wool give blissful softness.

Hästens Classic

Our entry level continental bed with a distinctive character, defined by a mattress construction that enhances soft comfort.

Hästens Superia

A sophisticated frame bed in a compact package. Forms over time to fit your body and give an even better sleep.

Hästens Excel

Active double spring systems and layers of natural fibres for supple responsive support.

Hästens Marquis

The classic frame bed. Serene and soft, with hallmarks of Hästens quality throughout.

Hästens Lenoria

A pliable adjustable bed with inherent softness and wonderful breathability. Our unique blend of hand-distributed natural layers with a hidden tech element.

Hästens Novoria

A discreet adjustable bed, built with a firmer support in mind, with wall hugger movement and generous layers of natural materials.


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