Frequently asked questions

Does Hästens have Certifications for quality?

Yes. Here's what we have.

- Are any animals horsehair/feathers harmed in the making of a Hästens?

All of our materials, including the horsetail hair and down, are ethically sourced. We take this responsibility quite seriously.

- What are the washing instructions for Hästens beds/top mattresses?

Your Hästens bed is made using the highest quality, 100% natural materials. As such, it is not machine washable, either in water or by dry cleaning. But accidents do happen and textile cleaner or furniture foam should be sufficient to clean any stains. However, there is a small chance the cleaner could damage the fire retardant or discolor the fabric. To prevent this, we suggest testing a small portion on an unobtrusive section of the mattress. For ultimate mattress protection, we recommend using a Hästens bed skirt and mattress cover.

- What is covered by your 25 year guarantee?

Further to the rights awarded the consumer by Swedish law, all Hästens Beds are covered by a 25 year guarantee against breakage of the bed's springs or frame. For more information about our warranty, please contact your nearest Hästens store.

- I am allergic to horses. can I sleep in a Hästens bed?

Of course you can, without any effects. Anyone who suffers from allergies, can enjoy a wonderful sleep in a Hästens bed. The horsehair we use in the upholstery of the beds is prepared for several months without adding any foreign substances. The horsehair is washed and then rinsed thoroughly before it is spun, sanitized and heated to 140 C. The horsehair is then stored as twisted rope before it is torn up and embedded into a Hästens bed. Hästens has commissioned rigorous testing to ensure that there are no allergens in the horsehair. The samples were analyzed using an ELISA technique at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and all the tests show negative results.

- Where can I find your prices/price list?

For price and product information, please contact your nearest Hästens store.

- Where can I find Hästens' beds?

Find your nearest Hästens Store here.

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